Scroll to see how we modified our facility activity spaces for safety.

Our staff made enormous efforts to prepare and maintain our facility adhering
to the ever changing government restrictions and requirements, including items such as:   

  • Job Hazard Analysis for each area in the facility; 

  • Equipment spacing according to current standards for high and low intensity; 

  • Facility Playbook to demonstrate new egress routes, activity space pods, and physical distancing signage; 

  • Physical barriers for cardio equipment, TechnoSPIN Studio and 3433 Studio;  

  • Legal health declaration documents, and COVID-19 waivers;   

  • An enhanced booking system to manage capacities ; 

  • Setting activity and office space capacity limits;

  • Staff Training on the new COVID-19 protocols; 

  • OH&S Rapid Response Plan; 

  • Communicating and enforcing customer protocols and mask policy;  

  • Monthly Staff Safety Talks;  

  •  Health Canada approved cleaning supplies .