To help keep our community engaged and forever active while the City of Calgary was in a mandatory lock down for the first few months of the year, we elevated our digital work out offering with a series of at home work outs led by our amazing team of instructors and trainers.  We extended our partnership with TechnoGym® to offer free access to their on demand classes, and promoted our media partner - Impact Magazine’s live weekly trainer workouts.


Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a big facility such as Repsol Sport Centre? 

We took advantage of an empty facility and created a new video series, where our CEO Jeff Booke takes you literally under (and above) our tent to share our amazing facility engineering, discuss top trending customer topics and share top secret strategies and projects that make our facility world class.  The Centre is continually investing in projects that make a significant impact towards our future success and provide more value to our members, sport partners and stakeholders.  From tactical and technical functions to strategic considerations – you’ll hear all about how Repsol Sport Centre is leading the charge during the facility's closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic and manoeuvring itself to come back stronger.