We kicked off 2020 with a bang – with no knowledge of COVID-19 on the horizon.  It was a great start to the New Year unveiling our a new competitive TechnoSPIN Studio, and expanding our Personal Training Studio to make room for the new and innovative TechnoGym® equipment.  And - the icing on the cake was revitalizing our brand voice with the launch of our new tagline – Forever Active. Forever Strong. 



With so many types of members and customers, with inherently so many different fitness personalities – we knew our tagline had to be ultra flexible with the ability to share their values and commonalities,  yet also able to naturally connect with their unique reason for keeping fit. 


Our community of members, athletes, and guests show tremendous strength in their pursuit of a lifelong commitment to being active.   This tagline was created to celebrate their pursuit of being courageous with their mind and body – forever swimming, forever running, forever weight lifting, or whatever activity moves them.  The heart of the tagline is meant to inspire our community to discover or even rediscover their forever after so they can keep getting stronger, and living better.


Fun tagline facts:  

  • It’s easy to say and easy to remember.  

  • It delivers on our key facility attributes, values and benefits.   

  • The “strong” word can be flexed out for other aspirational and descriptive words based on our key messaging. 

  • And the best part, the words “active” and “strong” are the top used words by our community found through member spotlight stories, customer comment cards, and social media comments. 


To help get our fans get excited and engaged with our new tag line, we invited them to play on social media with a contest asking them, “What is their forever after fitness reason”. Check out their feedback in the links below:

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  • Instagram